Feature3:Sharing ASP Service

Because it is an ASP service, no special terminals are required
and several people can use the system simultaneously.

Conventional systems

Up until now, reservation management required special terminals with internally stored systems, so tasks could not be divided up among several workers, and if one of the special terminals broke down, it put operations on hold.

Conventional systems

Customer Comments

  • Workers had to wait their turn to use the special terminals.
  • When we got same-day reservations at the last minute and PMS registration was not complete, the staff at the front desk had to run to the back quickly to check.
  • One time the special terminal broke down, and it interrupted our operations.

TL-Lincoln is an online ASP service

TL-Lincoln is an online ASP (application service provider) service that accesses a reservation management system hosted on a central server. This means that multiple Internet-connected computers can be used simultaneously. Say goodbye to the hassles of special terminals failing on you.

online ASP service

What It Can Do

  • No special terminals are used, so if a computer breaks down, the user can simply switch to a different one.
  • Tasks can be performed on multiple computers, so reservations can be processed in a more timely manner.

We are also available by Telephone.

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