Feature4:Labor Savings Enhanced PMS Output

The hassle of manual input is substantially decreased thanks to an increase in the amount of data that can be updated in the PMS.

Conventional PMS output

When updating the PMS (hotel system) with data from the distributors, the data had to be manually added or edited, because the data varied from distributor to distributor.

Conventional PMS output

Customer Comments

  • There is so much work involved in adding and editing data on the PMS, and it takes a lot of time and effort.
  • We would like to improve the link with our PMS, but it's difficult to make big changes to it.

TL-Lincoln offers improved PMS integration

TL-Lincoln offers enhanced data output for linking with your PMS.
It automatically imports most reservation data and substantially reduces the hassle of manual entry and risk of mistakes.

TL-Lincoln after the introduction

Data Export Format

  • Original Seanuts TravelXML format
    X-LINK format (2048 byte, 4096 byte, XML)
  • Customized format with desired output NB X-LINK is optional TL-X software developed by Seanuts.
    Contact us here for details.
~Improved notification, analysis and processing as well as increased volume of data output via customization function~
  1. We have also enabled plenty of customization, including separate output for travel agencies and online distributors and package code conversion, for smoother integration without making major modifications to your hotel system (PMS).

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