Other Convenient Features

We included various convenient features in response to requests from accommodation facilities.

Important Notifications

Software update and maintenance information are provided.

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My Shortcuts

Allows users to call up frequently used screens quickly.

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An alarm is displayed for reservations for the day or room types that have exceeded a pre-determined number of reservations.
Registration omission is prevented by displaying unset room types and plan information.

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Reservation Search

Allows users to easily obtain reservation data to quickly correspond to customer inquiries.
Also allows for the confirmation of final reservation information, reflecting any change or cancellation notifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Frequently Asked Questions feature which allows users to confirm the operation of TL-Lincoln's various features is provided so that they will be able to become highly skilled in using such features.

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Security Control

Provides complete security control through operation history management and password expiration settings.
It also makes it possible to establish operation restrictions by setting administrator privilege settings.

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Messages from Travel Agencies

Non-reservation related notifications, such as those related to pamphlet attachments and additional messages, are categorized and displayed in a list on the screen.

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Room Increase/Return Reservation

If the requirements and dates for the rooms being sold by or being returned from travel agencies are set up beforehand, TL-Lincoln sets and adjusts the numbers of inventories automatically during the period where the hotels get room inventories back from the travel agencies.

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Automatic setting of the room

Every month TL-Lincoln automatically sets the room inventories which the hotel has registered. This prevents forgetting to enter room inventories.

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We are also available by Telephone.

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