Flow of Implementation

Flow of events from application to deployment.

Aprox.4 week

  • STEP1Application Please fill out all necessary information in the “Service Application Form,” “Implementation Request Form,” “Account Transfer Form,” etc., and send them by post to our company’s sales representative.
  • STEP2System Settings and Preparations System settings and preparations at sales locations will be performed in advance in accordance with customer conditions and information on the “Implementation Request Form.”
  • STEP3Instruction An instructor will visit your location for one day to explain how to perform settings and operate the system.
    ※Actual system operations will be performed by the customer.
  • STEP4Start of Live System Operation Once settings in Step 3 are completed, live system operation will be initiated.
  • STEP5Follow up After live system operation has been initiated, customers can contact our support center if they have any setting or operation related questions.

System requirements

TL-Lincoln requires the following environment to operate properly.

※Windows and Internet Explorer are trademarks of U.S. Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
※Google Chrome is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

We are also available by Telephone.

03-6835-8420(reception time:weekday 9:30-18:00)