Flow of Implementation

Flow of events from application to deployment.

Aprox.3 weeks

  • STEP1Application Please fill out all necessary information in the “Service Application Form,” “Implementation Request Form,” “Account Transfer Form,” etc., and send them by post to our company’s sales representative.
  • STEP2Consultation An instructor will explain the outline of the system, and hear about the current issues and the operations you want to achieve. After that, we will prepare for the actual operation, propose the optimum setting method, and a schedule until the start of operation.
  • STEP3Instruction An instructor will explain how to perform settings and operate the system.
    ※Actual system operations will be performed by the customer.
  • STEP4Start of Live System Operation Once settings in Step 3 are completed, live system operation will be initiated.
  • STEP5Follow up After live system operation has been initiated, customers can contact our support center if they have any setting or operation related questions.

System requirements

TL-Lincoln requires the following environment to operate properly.

※Windows and Internet Explorer are trademarks of U.S. Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
※Google Chrome is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

We are also available by Telephone.

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