Integrated Allocation Service

This new features are advantageous for both accommodation facilities and distributors and are implemented in response to their requests!

Service Overview

Room type/package masters had been created on the management screen of each distributor.Now they all can be done on the screen of TL-Lincoln.
This new connection service allows each distributor of across-the-board packages can register reservations after confirming the number of available rooms on the TL-Lincoln central server.

Advantages for Accommodation Facilities

・Less amount of work related to room type/package registration
・More opportunities for selling rooms/packages
 - Registering available room types/packages and modifying their content when extending periods of availability is a one-time only operation.
 - Because the number of available room is centrally controlled on the server, you can safely provide even the last available room to multiple websites at the same time without having to reduce the number of distributors.

Advantages for Distributors

・Stable supply of rooms
・Earlier provision of new packages
 - Possible to retrieve or register various across-the-board room types/packages on the TL-Lincoln.
 - Possible to provide your customers with rooms (including popular rooms) at an earlier time.

TL-Lincoln Users

The Integrated Allocation Service is provided as a standard service of TL-Lincoln. For information on how to use it, refer to the manual in the FAQ section.

We are also available by Telephone.

03-6835-8420(reception time:weekday 9:30-18:00)